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Marilee Sundius and I have worked together in several capacities for over 10 years. We first meet as parents of competitive swimmers on a nonprofit parent run swim team. Hence our story began…we became administrators of the swim team working together very closely. Marilee was organized, creative, open to others ideas. She knew the technology needed to create a new website one that was very user friendly and efficient. Marilee had to handle several difficult situations as board president, she did this with finesse and professionalism. Marilee loves to use her creative side whenever she can.


The word commitment does not begin to give Marilee enough credit for how committed she was to the team and the sport. She continues to support local swim teams many years after her swimmers are no longer involved on a local level. Our relationship continues, she has designed my website. Marilee did this with again a creative and professional flare.  She put in personal touches which made the difference in what I was looking for on my website. Marilee met me where I was at when designing and supporting me with the going live process of my website.


Even now she is available if I need her for questions. I find Marilee easy to work with, creative, professional, knowledgeable in many areas and committed to doing a job with excellence written all over it. It is also very important to her for the people she is working with to be happy, customer satisfaction.

~ Judy Cook, Light Life - Owner

"I have made new business cards and have put my logo on my website and on newsletter and session notes. I am excited every time I use it". Thank you so much!!

~ Wendy

artistic exploration

"I have commissioned a number of portraits with Marilee at Sundius Design for family and friends. Marilee is always a pleasure to work with. Her process is collaborative and her illustrations are genuine and filled with the character of the individual or group that she illustrates. Each project has been completed in a timely fashion and the recipients have fallen in love with the work of art. I enthusiastically recommend Marilee, a very talented artist and illustrator, and her firm Sundius Design".

~ Elizabeth

"I have had the pleasure of working with Marilee on two occasions:  a portrait of my granddaughter and one of my dog. An artist needs more than advanced education to produce the quality of characterization on a person or a pet’s image, as Marilee manages — not just from a superficial capacity but one from the inner layers of personality. Marilee is that level of artist. She has a God-given talent to carry her brush strokes across a canvas and dare you to believe what you see is an artist’s rendering and not a picture. I know of no one better."

~ Claire L. Hebert-Dow

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