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artistic exploration

Welcome to the more "artsy" side of Sundius Design! I came up with "artistic exploration" when I began expand into more areas such as teaching, showing my art and commissioned portraits. I felt is needed a home so I created a facebook page: where you can find a selection of past classes, artworks and creative inspiration!

I am currently updating my website, so check back!


As a creative, I am always experimenting!

While my main art medium is graphite and colored pencil, over the years I have explored a variety of other mediums and art styles to create not just framed pieces but also incorporated into other products such as garden totems and earrings!


Custom art make wonderful gifts! Many of the pieces I have created for people have captured a precious memory of an individual, a place or a pet.

More details and pictures COMMING SOON!

color bloch copy_edited.png


Through my variety of classes and workshops I share my creative passion. Art is a skill that can be learned with a lot of practice. For children it can contribute to their development in a variety of ways. For adults it can be very enjoyable and inspiring to learn a new skill or polish up a new one!

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Class sampling offered by Sundius Design
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